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Real Paranormal Tales!

We do not water down the stories nor do we sugar-coat them! Neither do we make them up, as some tours here do! We tell it just like the person or people experienced it. (Some of the tales are our personal experiences!) We will be taking you to Williamsburg's most haunted, including the site deemed by psychics and empaths as the most malevolent, evil site in the whole area, perhaps in all of Virginia!

The tour is based on the book: Haunted Historic Colonial Williamsburg Virginia with Breakthrough Ghost Photography

The world's first photographic study of ghosts, taking over 2 years and in excess of 10,000 photos (choosing only 230 of the very best photos) is available at Amazon, at the Schiffer Publishing website, and at your local Barnes and Nobel Book Store. Each location has a brief historical background, real ghost stoires, real personal experiences, insights and introspection by the author.

“Where are the dead? Are they still amongst us, possessed of that undefined, mysterious existence which the ancient world attributes to the ghosts of the departed?” —Lord Halifax-Charles Lindley Wood (1839-1936), Writer

The dead are within the pages of this book (Haunted Historic Colonial Williamsburg Virginia with Breakthrough Ghost Photography), they are in the homes, buildings, and streets of Williamsburg, and they are in your hometown, waiting for you to discover their undefined paradigm. Perhaps even Lord Halifax himself exists in this netherworld, casting out hints of his presence to those that are oblivious. Now you will learn what becomes of those caught between this world and the next-and what they really look like! —Tim Scullion Writer

Part II of this book is coming out next spring!

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Haunting Faces You May See

The Ghostographer, Tim Scullion, in the world's first photographic study of ghosts, discovered among the over 10,000 photographs of Colonial Williamsburg many phantom faces in the windows of Colonial Williamsburg's homes and buildings. Take a look at just some of the many haunting faces looking out from the windows of the 18th century capital. Some of the ghosts have detailed facial features and others are what the author calls classic whites. These are apparitions (like #3 below from the jail) that have a white to gray appearance, no recognizable facial features, 2 eyespots, and sometimes a nose and/or mouth feature. The first photo was taken at William and Mary's Wren Building, having a Santa Claus-like face that was probably from the 19th century when beards were popular. The second photo is from the Peyton Randolph House, and may possibly be the man that committed suicide in the house by putting a gun to his mouth and pulling the trigger. The third photo is a classic white from the Williamsburg Jail. The fourth photo is an intimidating apparition from the Peyton Randolph House that looks more like an animal than a human--do animals have souls too? (Scroll to the right) The fifth photo was on the chimney of the Wren Building(?)--could it be one of the lookouts from the Civil War? The next photo was taken at William and Mary's Brafferton Building, and appears to have 2 men from different time periods. (Look at the hairstyles.) The final photo is one of several ghosts from the Tarpley Store. See many more haunting faces in the book Haunted Historic Colonial Williamsburg Virginia with Breakthrough Ghost Photography! (Click on the "eye" in the photo below the text to see a larger version.)


Featured Ghost Photos:

The following photos are recent whole body apparitions that appeared on the streets of Colonial Williamsburg. Unlike the photos in the windows, these have less detail and are less recognizable. I believe it's because the window glass is like a conduit that enables a ghost to appear with more clarity. The first is a group of ghosts, probably from the 18th century because of the way the man on the left is dressed; this photo was taken on the Palace Green. The second photo shows a group of tourists and a glowing white ghost in a long coat and a tricorner hat gathered around one of Colonial Williamsburg's fire baskets. The third photo shows at least 4 ghosts on the walkway in front of Bruton Parish Church. The fourth photo has a first--a giant ghost towering over the tourists standing around him. The fifth photo appears to be a clergyman standing on the walkway between the Bruton Parish Church and the Palace Green. The sixth photo is a ghost hag, whose face is at the east wall of the Bruton Parish Church.The seventh and final photo is of a pair of ghosts that may be 2 young men dressed alike and walking on the same walkway outside the Bruton Parish Church. (Click on the "eye" in the photo below the text to see a larger version.)


Get Tickets

Come join us on the only ghost tour in the world that not only takes you right in front of the haunted places, but also shows you photos of the ghosts that dwell there. Yes our guides carry with them a notebook of actual ghost photos from each site, and will both show you the photos of the ghosts and in many cases point to the specific window where the photo was taken—so yes you too can try your luck at photographing a ghost. Remember that ghosts were once people, and they don’t always show up where and when you want them to, but you may get lucky (like many of our guests have) and capture a real ghost on your camera. If you do capture something, we would love to see it and maybe even share it to our website! Please keep in mind that you need to purchase your tickets on our website because it is against the law for us to take cash on the street for your tour.

We have two different tours-the Williamsburg West Tour and the Williamsburg East Tour: $14.00 per person; $7.00 children ages 10 & under. For those of you that are concerned about missing the Peyton Randolph House-Williamsburg's Most Haunted-both tours end with a stop at this infamous haunt. Ask our sales rep about our special group rates! Click on the left photo (below) for the late Williamsburg West Tour (meets in front of the Cheese Shop at 10:05 pm), the center photo (below) for the early Williamsburg East Tour (meets in front of the Capital at 8:15 pm), and the right photo (below) for special group rates Monday thru Thursday.Tours go out rain or shine, just keep in mind the ghosts like the rain better!


Testimonials about the Tour and the Book:

Hands down the best tour my family and I have ever been on in Colonial Williamsburg. Tim was engaging and a wealth of information. We had a blast and my 10 year old son keeps on asking when we can go again.
Michelle S., Chicago, IL
I didn't believe it . . . before! Tim Was great . I was in a group of 8 on my tour, 3 which I knew . I didn't believe I would see or find anything. well I think I was the only one who did. I took about 20 pictures of the houses. In half I could make out FACES . I showed first my girlfriend then the others in the group. It was really weird night.
Stanley P., PA
Unique Ghost Tour! This ghost tour has been like no other we've been on. Tim has a very unique perspective on ghosts and has actual evidence (pictures) that in my opinion prove there's definitely something to all of this stuff. Unlike the typical ghost tour with "scary" stories about haunted locations, Tim actually shows you pictures he's taken throughout several years of living in Williamsburg. He gives you just enough history to understand the significance of his pictures, and offers very plausible explanations for the content. Excellent LEGIT GHOST TOUR! Bravo Tim!
Sonia P.
Looking for a unique ghost tour experience in Williamsburg, Virginia and came across Ghostographer. This tour was amazing, it was a personalized tour since the group's are small and I loved how unique the tour was and how each photo that was shown had an amazing story to go with it as well as the spine tingling creepy photos. I would recommend this tour to anyone that truly wants to see ghost photos as well as experiencing the true nature of ghost in Williamsburg. Tim was great, I was intrigued the whole time and even going back to bed a little freaked out because you got the sense of ghost/spirits around you! I truly hope more people can experience this tour!
Elizabeth Wagner, Glens Falls, New York
To start this is a very different type of ghost tour. The tour centers itself around the guide Tim Scullion. He has somehow managed to take vivid photographs of actual ghosts! After thousands of photos taken; he captured enough of these to publish his findings! So the tour is less of a history lesson (like most tours) and more of an intimate look at the actual ghosts in and around these colonial buildings. I have to admit I am a logical person and was very skeptical from the start. I soon found that Tim's passion for his craft shone through and I am so glad we chose his tour. Go into it with an open mind and have a blast with this unique experience!
Ch1pp4h, Chesapeake, VA
This tour was wonderful! And I know this sounds crazy, but I did photograph what seems to be a ghost on my cellphone when Tim Scullion pointed out the windows to watch. The building was closed and totally dark; yet, I have an image which I can't explain. His knowledge is amazing, and he will modify the content of the tour if you have specific interests or questions. I plan to take this tour again. Thank you!
Pam E., Williamsburg, VA
Pretty awesome experience. You get an evening tour of Colonial Williamsburg where the the tour guide provides you with an abundance of personal pictures taken of ghosts and the history behind them. He has his own published books with more stories about the ghosts of Colonial Williamsburg that I purchased separately. The most chilling part of the tour was about the Red House. Apparently it's very haunted. He welcomes all questions and recommends taking pictures yourselves. You never know if you might capture a ghost. I think I did.
Richard R., Raleigh, NC
This was an amazing tour that I would definitely do again. I was able to capture a couple faces in some of my photos!
Adeline Wagoner, Glens Falls, New York
Definitely worth it! Tim was very interesting and full of stories. He didn't rush us and took the time to answer questions and interact. Photos were cool and creepy. Highly recommend. Thanks Tim.
Scott M.,
Great tour! We enjoyed the small group and more authentic experiences. It was better than the other tours that we did.
Lori C.,
The tour guide is a gifted storyteller who shares his own photos of ghostly apparitions of each house on the tour. Don't forget to bring your camera!
Spellbinding! The ghostographer tour was the most interesting and amazing ghost tour I have ever taken. Tim Scullion, the author of a wonderful, historical account of ghost appearances, shows you their pictures. It's hard to believe, but you see the actual pictures of many ghosts. He even directs you how to use your own cellphone to capture images. Absolutely wonderful. We are doing it again. Check out his book.
Interactive and educational! Been to Williamsburg numerous times and do the ghost tours with the family as a fun thing to do. How ever the Ghostography tour is different. The stories, interaction and photos that you are shown draw you in deeper to the history. The tour doesn't stop either when it's over. You get the thrill of going through you photos back at home or the resort and looking for either what you have been shown or trying find something new that you have captured Can't wait to go back and experience the tour again.
Spooky, Fun, & Interesting--Best Ghost Tour I've been on! Me and my 2 kids (9 & 11) really enjoyed this Ghost Tour. I have been on about 6 tours over the years, and this is by far, the very best. Tim has smaller groups, and shows you his photos he has taken, and takes you right to where he took it. You can take your pictures - and check them when you get home. We got some orbs and interesting stuff, but none compare to Tim's. He is a professional photographer, with great equipment and knowledge, and his pictures are the best I've seen. We had a great time, and would definitely do it again, and HIGHLY RECOMMEND his tour. Thanks for a great night in Williamsburg, Tim!
Susan K. Georgia
Ghosts Oh My! We have been on several ghosts tours here in VA, and this is by far the best one. Tim was very informative during our tour and kept us intrigued. Taking us to houses with activity and recommending us to take photos. We went at 10:00pm and when we got back to our resort we stayed up until 1:30 am looking at the photos we took. We are making a collection to send to Tim as we did see ghosts in our photos. We will be back for sure! Definitely worth your time and money.
Jen W.
Testimonials about the Book:
The following are reviews taken from the Amazon website about the book Haunted Historic Colonial Williamsburg Virginia with Breakthrough Ghost Photography.
Breakthrough Ghost Photography - For REAL!!
I have never seen such frightening, horrific, saddening, or amazing GHOST Photography until TIm showed me the first images on his camera. We are the locals, we are here when the Colonial Williamsburg tourists return home. I knew Tim should share these photos, and I suggested he contact my publisher, Schiffer Publishing, of Atglen PA, as they started a new paranormal book line. (I am a WWII biographer and historian) Frankly, these photos will shock you into a new reality --as they did me ---as the photos reveal actual faces he captured on his camera at night in Colonial Williamsburg --- after hours. When I first saw them, the world shifted. So, it has been almost two years of work, brought to fruition, from those first haunting images - staring out the windows of the buildings and houses of Colonial Williamsburg. Tim writes a fascinating background on each of the haunted buildings, includes a demonstration on how he took the photo, and, of intense interest to all of us - ghostly faces staring out from inside the buildings! He has worked his way, late at night, taking photographs of the houses and buildings. This is for real, and reality just changed. Reality has shifted. This is not a book of little teeny white orbs! You will look into the eyes of the sad, the angry, the forlorn, the puzzled - actual ghostly human faces. Their eyes tell their story. What do we read from them? Well, they are not quite human. Prepare for breakthrough ghost photography. And a reality shift!
—P.A. Spayd, Author September 29, 2016
Seeing to Believe It!
Travel along with ghost photographer and para investigator Tim Scullion to explore his findings from a two-year journey of the famed Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia—one of America’s most haunted historical cities.
In Haunted Historic Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia the reader will visit forty-three locations in Williamsburg where Scullion defines the photographs and each apparition captured during his studies to learn the history and paranormal background of each building they appear in.
There are over 230 colorful paranormal images captured with a new technique Tim Scullion has been experimenting with that showcases an apparition in a whole new light. This will change the way paranormal investigators examine their photographs during and after an investigation. Visit exciting locations such as St. George Tucker House, Whetherburn Tavern, several buildings at the College of William & Mary and much more! Scullion provides the reader with historic accounts, ghost sightings, and his own personal experiences at each haunted location.
Haunted Historic Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia will inspire you to experiment with this new breakthrough photography method on your next paranormal adventure. Grab your camera, grab this book, and keep your eyes open for what is out there in the beyond.
—D. Branningon October 27, 2016
Haunted Hunts in Williamsburg VA Colonial Town!!!
Have to share! Just in time for a spooky Halloween. I just received my copy of "Haunted Historic Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia with Breakthrough Ghost Photography" by Tim Scullion -- The book is fantastic and very well written and produced. The photos are AMAZING!!! Very detailed and revealing. A must have, as it includes the history of each place photographed in Colonial Town. Any fan of Colonial town will thoroughly love this book. Can be purchased here on Amazonl. GREAT and Interesting read....hey you might even see your family if you have ancestors from Williamsburg.....just saying.
—Amazon Customer October 30, 2016
I Love this Book!
There are a lot of ghost books written (and I collect them), but this is the first ghost book that I have ever read with real photos of the paranormal (other than a few small orbs). The photos are compelling, if not life changing, and I never realized that ghosts could take on so many different forms! This is a fascinating read, and I feel like I’m trolling the streets of Colonial Williamsburg as the author explains each photographic discovery, along with historical backgrounds and paranormal legacies that accompany each stop. I have visited Colonial Williamsburg in the daytime before, but the nocturnal journey in this book puts a whole new meaning to “living history”. I shall never look at Colonial Williamsburg the same way again, or any other historical place for that matter. Captivating, riveting, and intriguing—a must read!
—Greenfield October 30, 2016
Especially those involving one of my favorite places, Colonial Williamsburg
Extremely informative and enlightening! I have always been fascinated by books on the paranormal, especially those involving one of my favorite places, Colonial Williamsburg, but this tops them all.
—Amazon Customer November 5, 2016
Love the Historical Background!
A bit creepy, but intriguing. Love the historical background too of Williamsburg; the buildings and the people who occupied them. Great story teller!
—Bootsies-Boutique November 13, 2016
An ingenious, creative look at Virginia's Colonial Capital. Scullion's narrative interweaves background history with his paranormal observations in Williamsburg's Historic Area. His publication makes a unique Christmas gift (or unusual souvenir) for anyone who has visited Colonial Williamsburg!
—A Virginian November 18, 2016
Haunted Williamsburg Will Not Dissapoint!
Purchased this for my daughter and son-in-law who both like this kind of a read. It did not disappoint ... They said this was the best book on this subject they have ever read.
—Bruce Burkard December 3, 2016
Good book!
Excellent read! I am not a believer in the paranormal, but this book makes you believe in the possibility. I enjoyed it! Nice job!
Dave Fletcher January 21, 2017
I have seen a thing or two. This is interesting. I am an optimistic skeptic when it comes to the paranormal. But I sense there is something true to be discovered. Keep an open mind. I hope to learn more about these ghosts.
Goron Pinache February 8, 2017
Good and Creepy!
Spooky tales and great photos. I may never venture through Williamsburg after dark again!
Amazon Customer February 18, 2017
A Must Buy!
Love this book! As a believer in ghosts not only do I find the photography fascinating but also the historical literature is fascinating. I learnt a lot about Williamsburg reading this book and also learned about some interesting "legends" which cause your mind to wonder what else is out there. Great book; hope to read many more and see many more of your photos!
Charlie Hogarth March 17, 2017
Fascinating! Different from any "Ghost" book I've Seen
Last week we visited the Colonial Williamsburg area for vacation, and I purchased this book when it caught my eye at the William and Mary bookstore. I ended up reading it cover to cover on the drive home today. The photos are fascinating and sometimes disturbing! Each glossy page is full-color, which surprised me. I appreciated the author's transparency in disclosing his photography techniques; his photos appear to be very authentic and minimally processed. Historical background was provided about each of the photographed buildings, and I recognized some of the areas we visited. Consequently, I wish I'd taken more pictures to play with on my own. I look forward to more from this author!
savingsinseconds April 1, 2017

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